Vacation Rights

All employees are entitled to a minimum number of days of leave, or unpaid leave if they have not earned the right. Minimum leave varies between collective agreements, but it is usually between 24 and 30 days. All employees must be paid vacation pay on top of their salary according to the law. Vacation pay is a minimum of 10.17% of all wages, which is equivalent to 24 vacation days per year based on full-time work. Vacation rights are calculated from May 1 – April 30 each year. Rules for holidays can be found in collective agreements.

Here you can read about vacation rights in different sectors:

Vacation rights in the private sector (SA)

Applies to union members that work in the private market, that is, in private companies, with the exception of jobs in hotels and restaurants.

Vacation rights for staff of nursing homes

This refers only to nursing homes that are under the collective agreement of the Association of Welfare Services; Dvalarheimilið Ás, Heilsuvernd Vífilsstöðum, Eir, Grund, Hamrar nursing home, Hlíðabær, Hrafnista, Múlabær, Mörk, SÁÁ, Sjálfsbjargarhemilið, Skjól, Skógarbær, Sóltún, Sunnuhlíð (Vigdísarholt), Fríðuhús and Drafnarhús.

Staff in the nursing homes Seljahlíð and Droplaugarstaðir are covered by the collective agreement between Efling and Reykjavík. 

Vacation rights for staff of other municipalities (SÍS)

Applies to union members working under other municipalities; Hveragerði, Kópavogur, Mosfellsbær, Seltjarnarnes and Ölfus.

Vacation rights for staff of hotels and restaurants (private sector)

Applies for union members working in restaurants, hotels, inns and similar places.

Vacation rights for staff of Reykjavík city

Applies for union members working at Reykjavík city.

Vacation rights for staff of the state

Applies for union members working at the state.