What do baggage handlers do?

A baggage handler loads and offloads a plane before takeoff and after landing. The work includes taking care that all baggage is returned to the right place, to the baggage claim or to another plane when transferring. A baggage handler also receives products being transferred and brings them to storage where they await delivery.

Baggage handlers sometimes assist in cleanup and security due to icing. They give signals to the pilot that propellers can start, that the plane may start taxiing, which area it can go to and where it should park. They also ensure the safety of passengers and secure the airplane at the end of day.

The work takes place in airport buildings, storage units and outdoors, regardless of weather. The baggage handler have to wear reflective clothing, ear protection and safety shoes.

Main tasks:

– Receiving, sorting and loading the right baggage into airplanes

– Use vehicles, loaders and conveynace belts to get baggage into and out of the plane

– Bring merchandise into storage

– Load baggage onto conveyance belts in the reception hall

– Notify about damaged or suspicious baggage