Efling presents an open meeting with Ólafur Margeirsson

On Monday, June 18th, economist Ólafur Margeirsson will be giving a presentation in a meeting organised by Efling, in Grand hotel starting at 16.30. The title of his presentation is: Can pension funds help grow the rental market in Iceland? Ólafur will discuss different ways in which pension funds could become actors in the rental market, the economic opportunities that might entail for the pension funds’ members and the overall effect it would have on the national economy. Ólafur will also take a close look at the arguments previously put forward by The Icelandic Pension Funds Association on the issue.This is an important, current topic, and one that may play a key role in the upcoming negotiations this winter. Ólafur’s presentation will be followed by a panel discussion, with a panel consisting of three individuals who all possess expertise on the topic. They are:- Una Jónsdóttir, Economist and Head of Department of the Rental Market at the Icelandic Housing Financing Fund- Þórey S. Þórðardóttir, Lawyer and Managing Director of The Icelandic Pension Funds Association- Gylfi Dalmann Aðalsteinsson, Associate Professor at The School of Business at the University of Iceland and the Former Executive Chairman of BúsetiQuestions will be taken from the room and the meeting will be moderated by Þórarinn Eyfjörð, Managing Director of SFR.Ólafur Margeirsson lives in Switzerland, where he works as a real estate strategist. He has a PhD in economics from the University of Exeter. Ólafur’s insightful and yet accessible writings on economics, have received attention in the last years.Coffee and light snacks will be offered. The meeting will be streamed live on Efling’s social media pages. The meeting is open to everyone, free of charge. Simultaneous on-screen English translation of the meeting will be provided.This meeting is the last meeting in a series organised by Efling, under the title The Big Picture. The meetings have covered various labour market related issues.