VIDEO: Who will be the new president of ASÍ? – the 43rd ASÍ congress

The 43 ASÍ congress will take place from 24 until 26 October. All ASÍ member unions meet every 2 years in the congress to debate policies and set an agenda for the next two years. 2018 has been a year of changes at ASÍ with the long-time ASÍ president, Gylfi Arnbjörnsson, announcing his resignation last June. The resignation opened a way for new elections for the ASÍ president. Two candidates, Drífa Snædal and Sverrir Mar Albertsson, have confirmed their candidatures so far. Last September Efling invited Drífa and Albert to a pre-election debate in Gerðuberg. The event was hosted by Þórður Snær Júlíusson, editor of Kjarninn. The candidates debated current situation on the labour market, their visions for the future of ASÍ and their policy plans. The debate was recorded and the video can be viewed below.