Call for Nominations to the Delegate Coucil (Trúnaðarráð)

Call for Nominations to the Efling Delegate Coucil(Trúnaðarráð) The nominations committee of Efling, as per article 22 of the laws of Efling, calls for nominations to a proposed list for Trúnaðarráð. All valid members of Efling are eligible to nominate themselves or another valid member. The nominations committee will evaluate nominees and will also seek to let Trúnaðarráð represent the Efling membership with respect to origin, gender, industry, age and other factors. If no other list is proposed, the list put forth by the nominations committee will be elected automatically to Trúnaðarráð. According to article 15 of the Efling laws, Trúnaðarráð has a two-year mandate. It is composed of 115 union members plus the board of Efling. A new Trúnaðarráð will begin its term on January 1 2019. Trúnaðarráð is Efling’s highest authority between member meetings. Trúnaðarráð meets approximately once a month during the period October 1 to May 1. Trúnaðarráð is an important contributor to deciding Efling policy and membership of Trúnaðarráð is a considerable responsibility. Nominations shall be submitted to the Organizing Division of Efling via email to titled “Trúnaðarráð – nomination” or by phone to 510-7500. Nominations shall be submitted no later than Monday November 26.