Lectures: Union organizers from Tozen

Organizing immigrants in Japan

Efling’s Organizing Division invites you to a talk by three union organizers from Japan’s most active union: Tozen!While Tozen is no stranger to courts and industrial relations bureaucracy, they have gone on strike more than any other union in Japan. Known for their radical democracy and transparency, they are the first ever amalgamated union in Japan to be led by foreigners.Agenda: The Tozen Story, structure of Tozen, workplace Organizing Stories & Questions/AnswersSpeakers:

  • Louis Carlet, founder of Tozen Union, Senior Organizer & Finance Officer. He currently serves as senior organizer and chief finance officer
  • Gerome Rothman, Field Director and Organizer for Tozen Union. He serves as case officer for over 10 local chapters, including Japan Times and Apple unions
  • Hifumi Okunuki, Executive President of Tozen. She teaches labor law, social security law, and the Constitution at Sagami Women’s University

When and where: March 3rd, 14.30 at Efling office, Guðrúnartúni 1.


Workplace Organizing Tactics from Tokyo

Do you have problems at work? Is the Collective Agreement being broken?Efling’s Organizing Division invites you to a special guest training from Louis Carlet and Gerome Rothman from Tozen, a foreign-worker led activist union in Tokyo.Famous for their high standards of democracy, transparency, and multinationalism, Tozen has gone on legal strikes more than any other union in Japan.Learn these lessons from Tokyo at Efling.When and where: March 5th, 19.00 at Efling office, Guðrúnartúni 1.