Regarding DV reporting on Menn í Vinnu

Yesterday, the newspaper DV published a report on people who have worked at the temp agency Menn í vinnu. In it, the owner of the agency, Halla Rut Bjarnadóttir, is quoted extensively on the affairs of those people. Efling takes any allegations of misuse of the union’s funds very seriously. However, after reviewing the news story with the help of an interpreter, there appears to be no basis for the allegations made in the story, including allegations about misuse of food assistance. This would have been clear from the beginning if the DV reporter had allowed the men in question their right to reply, or if a neutral interpreter had reviewed the data which the news story is based on. The video which is included in the story does not support its conclusions in any way.A named individual is accused of lies and deceit in the story and its headline, and information from his bank account from last year is published alongside it. He did not get a chance to respond to these accusations. We have spoken with him and looked through his documents and bank statements. His story does not correspond at all with the reporting of DV.Efling encourages the media to report conscientiously and neutrally.