Statement on the government’s input on February 19

The four unions which have led the current wage negotiations, VR, Efling, VLFA and VLFGrv, declare their anger and disappointment with the government’s proposals, announced in a meeting with ASÍ’s president and vice-presidents today, February 19.Negotiations have been in a critical position after the SA business association made an offer last week which would have led to reduced purchasing power for large groups of workers. The SA in turn rejected a fair counteroffer by the four unions.There was some hope that the government’s input could rekindle the negotiations process. It is clear, however, that the government’s proposals destroy that hope. Meetings will be held in the unions in the next couple of days and on Thursday the union leaders will meet the SA at the state mediator.The four unions stand united and steadfast in their demand that workers should be able to live off their wages and that the government should make long overdue systemic changes in the direction of justice.

Ragnar Þór Ingólfsson, head of VRSólveig Anna Jónsdóttir, head of EflingHörður Guðbrandsson, head of VLFGrvVilhjálmur Birgisson, head of VLFA and 1st vice president of ASÍ