Bus strike on March 28-29 – Information

There is a strike in bus companies in the capital area and its surroundings on Thursday and Friday, for 48 hours in total. Bus drivers who are members in Efling are called on to protect the strike. The strike will be protected in two shifts, one starting at 2am and the other at 7am on each day.To enlist for strike patrolling and to apply for strike pay, you come to the offices of Efling, Guðrúnartún 1, at the start of the shift. If you work in the nighttime, your shift is the 2am shift. If you work in the daytime, your shift is the 7am shift. The shifts are the same for Thursday and Friday.The plans will be outlined at the office, and then patrolling begins.Efling considers all driving of tour buses to be in breach of the strike. The jurisdiction of Efling is the orange area in the picture below: