Candidates wanted for the representative council of Gildi – pension fund

Efling – union calls for candidates to be nominated for the representative council of Gildi – pension fund. Members of the representative council hold the right to vote in the annual general meeting of Gildi, which will be held on April 11th.Of the 80 representatives serving on behalf of union-members in the representative council, Efling appoints 57 and that ratio is determined by the rate of premiums contributed to the fund by the members of Efling.The representative council is appointed for a two-year term. The duties and appointments of the representative council are dictated by the bylaws of Gildi, which may be read on the fund’s web-site.All valid members of Efling can nominate themselves or another valid member. The nomination committee of Efling will be receiving nominations by way of the email-address, marked „Tilnefning til fulltrúaráðs Gildis.“ Nominations must arrive no later than 12 o’clock noon on Wednesday March 13th.The selection committee will recommend a list of representatives to the commission of trust at Efling, which will approve the list’s final draft. The first meeting of the new representative council of Gildi is scheduled to take place on Wednesday March 20th.