Dissapointed with the verdict of the Labor court – conventional strikes begin on Friday

Efling – union expresses disappointment with the verdict of the Labor court in the case filed by the Confederation of Icelandic enterprise (SA) against the union regarding the micro-strikes and work stoppages called by the union and scheduled to begin on March 18th.“It’s a shame that our members do not get to make full use of their right to strike. These actions are moderate and are meant to be incremental in nature, as opposed to the effect being felt fully immediately,” says Viðar Þorsteinsson, executive director of Efling. “But we will of course abide by this decision and learn from it.”“We are far from finished and will go ahead with the conventional strikes which we have called and scheduled for next Friday,” says Sólveig Anna Jónsdóttir, president of Efling.In the scheduled strikes the plan was for employees to discontinue some of their duties as precisely elaborated and announced in the strike calls. The common aim of the actions is to impel the plaintiffs to come to the table for new wage settlement negotiations.