Efling welcomes the verdict of the Labor court

Efling – union welcomes the verdict of the Labor court in the lawsuit of SA – the Confederation of Icelandic Enterprise with regards to the strike call of March 8th. The Labor court confirms that the announcement and execution of a vote for the strike was in full compliance with the law. As articulated in the report of the advocate to the supreme court Karl Ó. Karlsson on behalf of Efling, the vote was conducted in accordance with the authorization provision in paragraph 2 of article 15 of law nr. 80 from 1938, regarding unions and labor-disputes. Furthermore, the absentee-voting was in full compliance with all pertinent laws and regulations, particularly the regulations of ASÍ.“A fantastic result which actually doesn’t surprise me,” said Sólveig Anna Jónsdóttir, president of Efling. “I am very grateful to our lawyer, Karl Ó. Karlsson, who presented our case unwaveringly, but I would also like to thank Magnús Norðdahl, head of the returning board of Efling and the main lawyer of ASÍ, for having assisted us from the beginning in organizing this vote correctly. It’s a shame that we have to put so much energy into evading legal maneuvers, but then it’s good that the labor-movement has such good people to rely on.”“In my opinion, it’s not a good thing that legal maneuvers are used to prevent people from being able to exercise their democratic rights. The court’s verdict upholds those rights. I believe that it was obvious to all those who familiarized themselves with our reports and those from SA in this case that SA did not have a leg to stand on,” said Viðar Þorsteinsson, managing director o Efling.Efling sees the verdict as a positive sign and encourages all members and supporters to attend an event in Gamla bíó on March 8, where striking hotel-maids will gather.Further information here.