On strikes in hotels and bus companies

Three sets of strikes have now been voted on: Firstly among workers in hotels, secondly among bus company workers, and thirdly among workers at Almenningsvagnar Kynnisferða, which services a part of the city bus routes of Strætó BS. All three were accepted with a large majority of ballots cast. 

Why do we go on strike?

Company owners in the Icelandic tourist industry have made a lot of money in recent years, but still the working conditions and pay of workers are unacceptable. There is disrespect of workers and of their rights. Efling is demanding a minimum wage of 425,000ISK, but bosses do not want to pay it. There is a lot of pressure, long days, and a lot of extra work that is not paid. This has to change, and the strike will put pressure for it. 

Weren’t the strikes ruled illegal?

The Labour Court deemed our proposals for work restrictions insufficiently clear and limited. However, the regular strikes are still happening as described below. 

How will strike pay be distributed?

Those who are going on strike and have work or a shift when the strike takes place can get support from the strike fund. Wage loss will be fully compensated, based on an average of the total wages from the last six months — up to 550.000/month. A modest demand will be made for participation in strike patrolling or similar events. Those who can’t make it can be in touch with the union on April 1 and 2 for the March strike days. Concerning payments from the strike fund, the aim is to pay before Easter. 

When and how will the strike happen?

The strikes will take place in the following ways:

Strætó drivers working for Almenningsvagnar Kynnisferða

  • On weekdays from April 1 through May 1:
    • No driving from 7-9am and 4-6pm.


Regular strikes in hotels and bus companies

The following days there will be no work by Efling members in hotels and bus companies from midnight to midnight:

  • March 22 (1 day)
  • March 28-29 (2 days)
  • April 3-5 (3 days)
  • April 9-11 (3 days)
  • April 15-17 (3 days)
  • April 23-25 (3 days)
  • May 1 (until the strike is called off)

Read the full strike proposals

Proposal for a work stoppage at Almenningsvagnar KynnisferðaProposal for a work stoppage in hotelsProposal for a work stoppage in bus driving

The hotels affected

Fosshótel Reykjavík Þórunnartún 1, 105 Rvk.
Grand Hótel Reykjavík Sigtún 38, 105 Rvk.
Fosshótel Baron Barónsstígur 2-4, 101 Rvk.
Hótel Reykjavík Centrum Aðalstræti 16, 101 Rvk.
Fosshótel Rauðará Rauðarárstígur 37, 105 Rvk.
Fosshótel Lind Rauðarárstígur 18, 105 Rvk.
Hilton Reykjavík Nordica Suðurlandsbraut 2, 108 Rvk.
Icelandair Hótel Reykjavík Natura Nauthólsvegur 52, 101 Rvk.
Icelandair Hótel Reykjavík Marina Mýrargata 2-8, 101 Rvk.
Canopy Reykjavík – City Centre Smiðjustígur 4, 101 Rvk.
Reykjavík Konsúlat hótel Hafnarstræti 17-19, 101 Rvk.
Hótel Plaza CenterHotel Aðalstræti 4, 101 Rvk.
CenterHotel Miðgarður Laugavegur 120, 101 Rvk.
Hótel Arnarhvoll CenterHotel Ingólfsstræti 1, 101 Rvk.
Hótel Þingholt CenterHotel Þingholtsstræti 3-5, 101 Rvk.
Hótel Klöpp CenterHotel Klapparstígur 26, 101 Rvk.
Hótel Skjaldbreið CenterHotel Laugavegur 16, 101 Rvk.
Exeter Hotel Tryggvagata 12, 101 Rvk.
Reykjavík Lights Hotel Suðurlandsbraut 12, 108 Rvk.
Skuggi Hótel Hverfisgata 103, 101 Rvk.
Hótel Borg Pósthússtræti 9-11, 101 Rvk.
Storm Hótel Þórunnartún 4, 105 Rvk.
Sand Hótel Laugavegur 34, 101 Rvk.
Apótek Hótel Austurstræti 16, 101 Rvk.
Hótel Cabin Borgartún 32, 105 Rvk.
Hótel Klettur Mjölnisholt 12-14, 105 Rvk.
Hótel Örk Breiðumörk 1c, 810 Hveragerði
Radisson BLU Hótel Saga Hagatorg 1, 107 Rvk.
Radisson BLU 1919 Hótel Pósthússtræti 2, 101 Rvk.
Hotel Víking Víkingastræti 1-3, 220 Hfj.
Hótel Holt Bergstaðastræti 37, 101 Rvk.
Hótel Frón Laugavegur 22a, 101 Rvk.
Hótel Óðinsvé Þórsgata 1, 202 Rvk.
The Capital Inn Suðurhlíð 35d, 105 Rvk.
City Center Hotel Austurstræti 6, 101 Rvk.
City Park Hotel Ármúli 5j, 108 Rvk.
Kex Hostel Skúlagata 28, 101 Rvk.
101 Hótel Hverfisgata 10, 101 Rvk.
Hótel Leifur Eiríksson Skólavörðustígur 45, 101 Rvk.
Hótel Smári Hlíðasmári 13, 201 Kópavogur