Strætó drivers´strikes start on 1 April

Strætó drivers´strikes 1-5 April

The Strætó drivers at Almeningsvagnar Kynnisferðir start partial strikes on Monday, 1st April.

This means that lines number 12, 14, 15, 16, 17, 21, 24, 28, 35 and 36 will stop working between 7-9am, and at 4-6pm. The work stoppage will last during these hours from Monday, 1 April, to Friday, 5 April.

The strikes will take place in 3 locations:

·         Hlemmur

·         Hamraborg

·         Mjódd

The drivers will form a picket line at each of the locations. The public is encouraged to support the striking drivers – they are the people safely taking us to work, schools, hospitals and wherever we want to go to. They bear enormous responsibility, yet they earn a minimum wage for strenuous, emotionally exhausting job.

Support the strike of our Strætó drivers!

The drivers are fighting for better wages, decent, respectful working conditions and increased workplace democracy – not only for themselves, but also for all of us.

Strike breaking will not be tolerated. In case you see someone breaking the strike e-mail efling at