Strikes in hotels, March 28-29

There are strikes in hotels again on Thursday and Friday. The single-day strike on March 22 put pressure, but hasn’t resulted in a serious offer. Therefore, we are continuing with our strike plan in hotels and bus companies.If you are in Efling or VR, and you work in a hotel listed below, you go on strike.It does not matter whether you voted or which department you work in, or whether the hotel pays you as a contractor. It doesn’t even matter if you are registered in the wrong union – the strike applies to everyone working Efling or VR jobs in hotels.The only exceptions are top managers and owners.If you are in another union, and are asked to do extra work during the strike, you are probably being asked to break the strike, which is illegal. Show solidarity — respect the strike!Those who are on strike can come to the picket to apply for strike pay. There will be four pickets each of the two days, check this list to see which one your hotel should come to.Picket gathering points and times

  08:00 11:30
Meet at Austurvöllur: Hótel Saga Konsulat
  City Center Hotel Radison 1919
  Reykjavík Centrum Apotek
  Reykjavík Marina Borg
  Óðinsvé Exeter
  Leifur Eiríksson Plaza
  101 Hótel Arnarhvoll
  Nordica Þingholt
  Miðgarður Hótel Holt
  Grand hótel
  Rvk Lights
Meet at Hlemmur: City Park Hótel Natura
  Capital Inn Kex
  Fosshótel Reykjavík Fosshótel Barón
  Storm Fosshótel Lind
  Skuggi Fosshótel Rauðará
  Sand Hótel Klettur
  Frón Hótel Canopy
  Klöpp Hótel Örk
  Hótel Cabin Hótel Viking
  Skjaldbreið Hótel Smári