Unity-meeting of bus-drivers at Vinabær

The strike of coach-drivers begins on Friday March 22nd and will take place from midnight to midnight.At Vinabær (address: Skipholt 33, 105 Reykjavík) there will be an open house from 12 pm to 5 pm. There will be a unity-meeting, applications for grants from the industrial dispute fund will be received and it will serve as headquarters for the strike-watch.Those who are on strike and have a work-shift or a working day during the strike can apply for a support from the strike fund. To receive payment from the grant one must punch in for the program taking place in the building at 1 pm and punch out at the end of it and fill out an application form which the staff of Efling will have at hand there.Unity-meeting – ScheduleSpeeches will be read by:Vilhjálmur Birgisson, president of Verkalýðsfélag AkranessGuðmundur Baldursson, board-member of EflingSólveig Anna Jónsdóttir, president of EflingViðar Þorsteinsson, managing director of EflingRecent declarations of support from far and wide will be read.Maxim Baru, head of the organizing division of Efling, talks about the organization of the bus sector inside the union and then conducts discussion among union-members regarding the continuing strike-actions and the next steps in the struggle.The moderator will be Daníel Örn Arnarsson, from the board of Efling.Entertainment and coffee refreshments will be offered.Let’s unite, dear friends, and come together in great numbers!How will payments be allocated from the strike-fund?Those who go on strike and have a work-shift or a working day while the strike is in progress can receive support from the strike fund. The loss of wages will be compensated, as calculated from the total wages received over the past six months, up to 550.000 kr. a month. A modest requirement for participation in the program at Vinabær. Those who cannot make it must contact the reception at Efling on April 1st and 2nd. Payments will be made from the fund before April 15th if all the information in the application turn out to be correct.