Holiday bonus

If you are an Efling member in the private market, you should get a holiday bonus before the end of the week. For a full year of work, it should be 76.000kr this time around. Here are the calculations for it.A full year of work means 45 full time work weeks from May 1 last year until April 30 this year.If you worked more than 12 weeks or are employed in the first week of May, you get your bonus,  in proportion to the employment ratio and length of work.For example, if you worked 20 weeks, you get 20/45 of the bonus, which amounts to 33.778 krThe reason the bonus is higher (and earlier) this year is that the regular bonus, 50.000kr, gets an extra 26.000kr due to the signing of new collective agreements with the business cartel, SA.The agreement states that the bonus should be paid on Thursday May 2, 2019, at the latest. Contact Efling if you think there is a problem with your payment.