The annual general meeting of Gildi 2019

The annual general meeting of Gildi-pension fund will be held at 5pm on Thursday April 11th at Grand Hótel Reykjavík. Schedule:

  • The report of the board
  • Presentation of the annual financial statement
  • An actuarial study, investment policy and stockholder policy explained
  • Employment terms policy – to be confirmed
  • Proposals for changes to resolutions
  • Election/appointment of the board
  • Wages of board-members determined
  • Election of a committee for the wages of board-members
  • Remuneration of accountant or accountant-company
  • Other matters

At the meeting the management and the returns of Gildi in the year 2018 will be covered in detail. The presentation is based on the fund’s annual report which is now available.The meeting is open to all members of Efling.The annual report and other meeting documents.