Do you know your rights?Sumer employees have lately been coming to Efling, seeking help with questions about their rights. Here is a list of a few things that matter for summer employees:Holiday bonus/OrlofYou are always entitled to a holiday bonus/orlof! That applies even if you do not take a summer holiday. The holiday bonus should never be a part of your salary, they should be added on to all other wages and should be made separate on your payslip. It is either payed into a special holiday bonus bank account or as holiday bonus hours.PayslipWrite down all of the hours that you work and make sure you get a payslip. On a payslip you can see how many hours you are getting paid for. We recommend to always compare the hours that you wrote down to the hours that are on your payslip to see if the hours have been correctly calculated.Employment contractGet an employment contract. An employment contract should have important information about your rights, salary and duties.Flat wage/JafnaðarkaupAre you getting paid a flat wage? If so then you are getting paid the same hourly rate every day of the year and for every hour of the day. Summer employees are usually working a lot of evening and weekend shifts which means it is normal to get paid overtime for those hours.If you want more information please contact Efling by sending a message to