In response to DV reporting on Menn í vinnu

DV has yet again published ill-founded news about the temp agency Menn í vinnu. Previously, the paper published private information from the agency’s employees, such as the account balance and kennitala of an employee. This had been sent to the paper’s reporter by the temp agency’s representative.
Efling has referred DV’s questions to the lawyer handling the case on behalf of the union and the men in question. In many cases no answers could be given, for reasons of confidentiality. Efling does not forward private information about its members or their cases to the media.
Efling has followed through on cases against Menn í vinnu in full. In the case of each ex-employee, work was put into obtaining necessary information, documents and power of attorney signatures. These cases have been worked on in the grievance division of Efling and by the legal office Réttur. Where Efling considers breaches to have taken place, the union has stood by its claims, even if the process may take time.
Union members who have questions about the state of their case can get in touch with the union.