The release of the Efling journal discontinued

The journal of Efling has been an important part of the union’s publishing and has been released each year for its members. Both as a tool for keeping track of working hours and for making information regarding rights, responsibilities and the union itself accessible.Times have changed, however, and most people have a phone which the union members can use for the same purposes. Also, any information which could previously be found in the journal has now become accessible on the union’s website.It is therefore safe to say that the journal of Efling is not as useful as it once was for a large percentage of the union membership, who now have more modern ways of organizing themselves. Last year, instead of mailing the book, it was made accessible to the union members at the union’s office and they could ask for it to be sent to their home. Given the number of members who requested the book, the union no longer felt that its release was a justifiable expense. We therefore say goodbye to the journal and thank those who have received it so well in the past years.