Efling supports demands for a new constitution

In the context of the matter regarding Samherji, Efling-union would like to call attention to the fact that the board of Efling has agreed to support a demand for the ratification of the constitution which was voted in by the Icelandic public seven years ago. The board of Efling agreed to lend their support during its meeting on October 17th, after receiving a request to do so from Stjórnarskrárfélagið, which has of late been seeking the support of various associations for the demand.“The case of Samherji shows us what the profits of our marine resources is used for. It is not used to lower taxes on low-wage earners, to pay people a decent wage or to strengthen the social safety net. Quite the contrary, it is used to fund corrupt associations which stretch all the way between continents,” said Sólveig Anna Jónsdóttir, the chairman of Efling.“The reason for the crushing of the constitution, which the public agreed on subsequent to the economic crash, was that it included a strong clause regarding public ownership of the fisheries. The Icelandic ownership class couldn’t stand the idea of the Icelandic public being given a fair share in the profits from our fish. Just as Þorsteinn Már manipulates the governing class in Namibia with bribes, men like him control what kind of constitution the people of Iceland get to select for themselves,” Sólveig added. “I am very proud that the board of Efling has decided to support the ratification of the constitution.”——————————————————–– DECLARATION –We demand democracy!Seven years since the referendum on a new governmentAlþingi entrusted the task of crafting a new constitution to its citizens.The proposals were submitted to Alþingi at the agreed-upon time. Alþingi called a referendum on the proposals. Over 2/3 of the electorate voted that the proposals should become the basis for a new constitution. Seven years have passed since then!We demand that the principles of democracy be respected in this country. Always and without exceptions.We demand that Alþingi respect the will of the electorate and ratify the people’s constitution immediately.