Does the Icelandic labor market systematically cause low wage earners disabilities?

Kolbeinn H. Stefánsson, doctor of sociology, last Thursday presented a report which he is currently putting together regarding the connection between the health and disabilities of Icelanders with their status in the labor market and their class status. Kolbeinn recently wrote a report regarding the development regarding the number of people on disability benefits for Öryrkjabandalagið (The Icelandic Disability Alliance). His report for Efling is a continuation of that report where disability issues are examined, particularly from the point of view of low-wage earners.During the meeting, the members of Efling were able to get a sense of the main conclusions, but the report will be presented publicly in the next weeks. Kolbeinn’s main findings are that education and income effect the people’s health and quality of life significantly. More education and income increase the likelihood of better health and a longer lifespan. Less education and low wages cause various health issues which may even lead to disability, and low-wage earners are also more likely to go without necessary healthcare because of expenses.When Kolbeinn’s presentation had concluded, there was a discussion portion. It is safe to say that the content of the report was of great interest to those present, as it included many things which may prove useful for the members of Efling in the struggle for a decent wage and a better life.For photos from the meeting, click here