Reminder about the Easter allocation of Efling holiday houses

Our members are reminded that the Easter period allocation of Efling holiday houses starts on 30 January and closes on 20 February. It will be possible to fill out applications online in this time period. The day of application does not matter, as the allocations will be decided basing on the points system. The points system depends on the membership history of the applicant. The payment deadline is 3 March 2020. After the allocations, the online booking will reopen on 5th March for members who have rights to book for those houses that are left free over the Easter period after the first allocation.Please note that only weekly rentals are possible for the Easter period 8-15 April 2020.Applications may be submitted online through the website of Efling, but also via email at, in which case one’s name, ID number must be included, along with one’s first choice of vacation house, second choice and so on up to and including the sixth choice.Available houses