Open negotiation meeting in Iðnó

Efling calls for open direct wage negotiations with the mayorSólveig Anna Jónsdóttir, chairman of Efling, has informed mayor Dagur B. Eggertsson that Efling will not engage in further talks with the city’s negotiating committee, beyond that which is required by law. The negotiating committee spread misleading information to the press from the negotiation meeting with the state mediator regarding the proposal put forth by Efling on January 16th, thus violating both the rules of confidentiality and the law.The negotiating committee of Efling demands that the wage negotiations with the city take place in public from now on. Thus, the breach of confidentiality by the city’s officials will be properly addressed and the veracity of claims regarding the demands of Efling will be safeguarded.Efling calls for an open negotiation to take place in Iðnó on Wednesday, January 22nd at 1pm, where the negotiating committee of Efling will present its proposal to the city for a fair and successful collective agreement which can last until the end of 2022.In the letter to the mayor, it is stated that Sólveig Anna and the negotiating committee of Efling call on Dagur, as superior to all of the city’s employees, to shoulder responsibility for the conduct of the city’s negotiating committee, as well as for the effect which it has had on the status of negotiations and undertake the task of solving the city’s wage dispute properly.The proposal, which will be presented on Wednesday, agrees to the same increases in the wage rates which were approved in the open labor market in April of last year, and calls for a necessary and overdue correction of the city’s low wage policy. Additionally, the members of Efling who work for the city will speak of their circumstances and wages. During the meeting, the mayor is invited to engage in talks with the negotiating committee of Efling and respond to its proposal. Full transparency regarding all that which transpires in the meeting will be assured.On Tuesday, the print media will publish an open letter from the negotiating committee of Efling, regarding the city of Reykjavík, to Dagur B. Eggertsson, as a vote on strike actions by 1800 members of Efling employed by the city begins at noon on the same day.According to the current proposal, all the city employees who are members of Efling will go on strike in the beginning of February during certain selected dates and will go on strike for an indefinite period of time, starting on Feburary 17th.