Preparations underway for strike actions in the City

The negotiating committee of Efling responsible for negotiating with the City of Reykjavík has accepted a proposal for a work stoppage action which is planned for February. The union’s members are required to approve the proposal and preparations for a vote are underway in the Efling offices. According to the proposal, strike actions lasting for half and whole days will take place with increasing frequency in the previous half of February and a strike action of indefinite duration from Monday, of February 17th.At the end of today’s negotiation with the state mediator, a decision was reached to put forth a proposal for a strike call. Negotiations will continue along with preparations for strike actions. Today, the committee requested a negotiation meeting with the City of Reykjavík for next Thursday.“The City of Reykjavík has made no effort to address the issues of the low wage earners who keep the City’s basic services running or to live up to its own rhetoric about making the City into a workplace which values equality. The City of Reykjavík has been disrespectful towards its lowest paid staff in these negotiations with their behavior, delays and indifference,” said Sólveig Anna Jónsdóttir, the chairman of Efling. “We are fed up. We demand that a fair agreement be reached as soon as possible. We are hopeful that next week’s meeting will yield results.”Further information regarding the vote will be made public in the next few days.Over 1800 of the employees of the City of Reykjavík are paid according to the collective agreement of Efling. Thereof, over 1000 work in preschools, 710 do caretaking work at the welfare division and about 140 do various kinds of work at the environmental and organizational division.The proposal is included as an attachment – with changes from January 14, 2020 – see here.

The photo was taken during the meeting of the negotiating committee today, January 10th. It depicts members of Efling who work for the City.