Disappointed with the response of the City of Reykjavík

The negotiating committee of Efling with the city of Reykjavík would like to express its disappointment with the way the City of Reykjavík reacted to a proposal put forth by the negotiating committee during a meeting with the state mediator on Tuesday, February 18th. The city’s response emerged today. This is the third time that the negotiating committee of Efling lays down a basis for a solution to the dispute and the city rejects it.The proposal called for paying staff a special job-related corrective overtime bonus to acknowledge the professional responsibility, job-related costs and other factors which the union’s members have emphasized during the negotiations. The sums and premises of the bonuses were to be determined by individual job descriptions and work places. The bonus would be a special additional payment and would not be factored into the calculations of overtime- and shiftwork pay added to basic wages.Also, a proposal was set forth calling for compensation for special payments during the previous agreement period, which the city has asked to be eliminated. It was proposed that the new bonuses and compensations be raised at the same rate as the wage rates during the agreement period. The proposal of the city for an altered wage table was approved.The staff and negotiating committee of Efling put a lot of effort into the proposal and it was put forth after the union’s representatives within the city had been consulted.The city of Reykjavík has once again slapped away the olive branch handed them by low wage earners. The strike will continue for an indefinite period.