The strike patrol was well received and felt great support

The Efling strike patrol encountered only one instance of strike-breaking on the first whole day of strikes among members working for Reykjavík city on Thursday, February 6. Departments had been combined in a kindergarten, which is not permitted. The relevant division of Reykjavík city has been notified of the occurrence.The strike was patrolled by five teams, who visited 80 workplaces in Reykjavík city on this first day of the strike. Several workplaces were also visited in the evening. Efling office staff and strikers participated in the patrol.Six workplaces were closed on Thursday, kindergartens and social centres, reduced services were available at most kindergartens and other places with no exemptions from the strike. Places who were exempt from the strike were not visited.The strike patrol was well received wherever they went, and it was clear that there is great support and solidarity in the city’s workplaces, both among staff and service users.Those on strike who would like to participate in further strike patrols are invited to send an email to felagssvid@efling.isThe union thanks for the great reception it has had and the support Efling has gotten from other unions, parents and those living with limited service.