The teachers’ union supports Efling

The Icelandic Teachers’ Union (Kennarasamband Íslands) discourages its members from assuming the responsibilities of Efling members, should a strike be called by the union within the city Reykjavík. The first work stoppage is scheduled for next Tuesday. In a statement on the Teachers’ Union’s website it is asserted that it is the right of people working within each particular field of work to have an independent right to bargain collectively.VR has also declared its support for the struggle of Efling. The union’s declaration of support includes the following words: “The key item in the demands of Efling is a correction of the wages of the lowest paid employees of the city, whose current pay is not sufficient to enable them to sustain themselves. Being able to live with dignity off one’s wages is bound to be one of the most fundamental human rights issues which the labor movement fights for.”Efling – union is appreciative of the support pouring in from so many directions in their struggle to improve the lot of the lowest paid in society.