Strikes in municipalities outside Reykjavík begin

“Strikes have begun and will continue until we have been offered something decent,” Sólveig Anna said at a rally of Efling members working in municipalities outside Reykjavík. Their strike began at noon today.About 50 members attended the rally, which was held at the church hall of Digraneskirkja. Sólveig Anna, head of Efling and Ragnar Ólason, collective agreements specialist, explained the state of negotiations both with SÍS and with Reykjavík and members had a chance to ask questions and discuss.Strikes were agreed to by 87% of workers and the solidarity was in evidence. Even though the agreement with SÍS is independent of that with Reykjavík, members are aware that the fight of workers in Reykjavík is also that of Efling members in other municipalities.“The time for change has come, that can’t be denied any longer,” Sólveig Anna said, before leaving for a negotiation meeting with Reykjavík negotiators.