Efling is offering a two-day suspension of the strike for confirmation of the proposal set forth on Kastljós

Efling-union has offered to postpone strike actions for two days if mayor Dagur B. Eggertsson will agree to give a written confirmation of his “Kastljós-proposal”. A message to this effect has been sent to the mayor and a copy of it was sent to the state mediator.On Kastljós on February 19th, the mayor spoke of a raise in basic wages of 110 thousand kronas during the agreement period for an unskilled Efling employee. A comprehensive proposal to that effect has not been forthcoming during negotiations despite the comments and wishes of the negotiation committee of Efling.The message sent by Efling to the mayor includes a proposal for a written agreement between contracting parties. It stipulates that the basic wages of the members of Efling will be raised by 100-110 thousand kronas during the agreement period, the most for the lowest paid and the least for the highest paid.The proposal states that thus there will be a settlement on raises in basic wages during the agreement period and that work will be begun on reaching an agreement on other matters. The proposal only pertains to basic wages, not to other matters such as overtime, special payments and bonuses.Strike action would be postponed for forty-eight hours, from 12:01 midnight on Wednesday to 11:59 midnight next Thursday.The message was sent to the mayor at 11am and the deadline for a response runs out at 4pm today, on March 3rd.“This settlement would confirm that which the mayor himself has put forth, that is that the members of Efling who have the lowest wages are offered a 20 thousand raise in basic wages beyond what the Quality of Life Agreement calls for. We have stated that such an offer would move us in the direction of an agreement and by this we mean to show that we were serious about that. We also assume that the mayor was serious and that he is willing to demonstrate his seriousness. After that we shall have to see how well the negotiations for other matters goes,” said Sólveig Anna Jónsdóttir, chairman of Efling.