It’s about time the city demonstrated its seriousness

The members of Efling who are employed by the City of Reykjavík unanimously approved the following resolution during a meeting in Gamla Bíó today, which was well attended:We are the unskilled employees of the City of Reykjavík, doing various jobs, such as trash collecting, maintenance and the education of children, the elderly and the disabled, cleaning, cooking and more.We tend to basic services which the city’s inhabitants can’t live without. This is demonstrated by our strike actions.We have the lowest gross pay of everyone in the Icelandic labor market.By taking on the jobs of the educated we help the City of Reykjavík save a billion kronas annually, particularly in the preschool system.We demand that the city council and mayor Dagur B. Eggertsson fulfills his promise to correct the wages of low wage earners and historically undervalued female classes of workers.Our negotiation committee has repeatedly put forth well outlined and sensible proposals for how this could be put into practice. It is impossible to understand why the city would reject all those proposals, one after the other.We reject the city’s game of having the mayor tell the media appealing fictions and then having the city’s negotiating committee offer the negotiating committee of Efling solutions which only apply to a fraction of our membership, filled with conditions and obligations.It’s about time that the city demonstrated its seriousness.There is a proposal on the table which corresponds to the declarations of the mayor himself. We support the offer of the negotiating committee of Efling to postpone the strike for forty-eight hours if the settlement is signed.We stand together and support our negotiating committee all the way.The city is in our hands!