Kópavogur and other municipalities reject terms already agreed by Reykjavík and the state

 Municipalities that still are in negotiations with Efling, among them Kópavogur, have refused to provide their employees with the same sort of wage correction given by the new agreements in Reykjavík and with the state.The contract between Efling and Reykjavík included basic salary increases by on average 7,800kr and a special correction of the lowest wages in the form of a special wage item. In the contract with the state, financing is provided that allows for a correction of the wages of members, most of whom work in Landspítalinn.

At a meeting this morning the negotiation committee of the municipal association, SÍS, flatly rejected a similar correction for Efling members employed by Kópavogur, Seltjarnarnes, and other municipalities near Reykjavík.These members work for low wages in traditionally underpaid women’s jobs, mostly in care, cleaning, laundry and kitchens.At the meeting, Efling declared its willingness to adapt the model of Reykjavík and the state to the municipal wage tables and to hear counterproposals. This was rejected.Efling stated its hope that the municipalities would reconsider their stance and called for a meeting this afternoon. The next meeting has not been scheduled.Ármann Kr. Ólafsson, mayor of Kópavogur, where most of the Efling members in question work, has refused to talk to a representative of Efling despite requests to that effect having been made.The ongoing Efling strikes have led to the closing of primary schools in Kópavogur and restricted services or closings in other municipal institutions.It is uncertain when the next meeting will be held. Today’s meeting took place after a five-day hiatus at the request of the municipal association, SÍS.