Meeting with Efling members at SSSK

Members of Efling who work in independent schools are invited to a meeting at the fourth floor of Efling office in Guðrúnartún 1 on Thursday, March 12, at 5pm. The topic of the meeting will be the decision to request formal negotiations with SA, to form a negotiations committee and prepare our demands.As known the labour court struck down the sympathy strike, March 5. Therefore, the strike did not take place.What this does show, however, is that a formal acceptance of Efling members at SSSK independent right to bargain has been stated by the employers’ association, SA. That provides them with the right to call a regular strike if needed.Such negotiations require active participation from members. When a collective agreement is made, the custom is to form a special negotiations committee with representatives of the workers in question. The head of Efling chairs the committee and traditionally some union office staff support the committee in planning and preparing negotiations as required.