Online services in the different circumstances resulting from Covid-19

  • The reception area of the offices of Efling will be shut from Monday March 16th onwards but appointments for meetings requiring a meeting in the office in person can still be made.
  • Services via telephone and email will be conducted in the same way as usual during the opening hours of the office.
  • Further information regarding communication online is available here

The office of Efling – union is duty bound to be of service to its members and offer them support. The office will do everything within its power to fulfill that duty despite the Covid-19 pandemic.Union members will continue to apply for grants from funds – as is their right – especially to the sickness fund, and it is foreseeable that economic recession will lead to layoffs during the next days and weeks. The office prioritizes services for union members and will assist them with navigating fund allocations and wage matters.Risk of contagion, the assembly ban and other directives made by the state, however, have caused the office to have to make the necessary precautions. It is important to decrease the likelihood of staff being infected and/or having to be quarantined because without its staff the office cannot provide any services for the members.The aim is to maintain traditional services during the advertised opening hours during the pandemic, but with as few people coming into the office as possible.Arrivals to the office will, from March 16th onwards, need to be scheduled beforehand. Appointments to consultations will only be scheduled in cases where services via telephone or email are impossible. Consultations will be conducted in the offices of Efling on the fourth floor where a meeting place has been outfitted especially according to the directives of the government. Those who come to the office without having an appointment will not be received there.Appointments will be received via telephone and email during the opening hours of the office. Everything will be done to shorten as much as possible the waiting period for services and we will add manpower to the answering of queries.Efling thanks its members for their forbearance of the changes to the service caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.