The Efling summerhouse issue is out

Observant members of Efling have doubtless noticed that the days are beginning to grow longer. Despite various kinds of travel bans in these unprecedented times, the plover has returned as always and does not hesitate to announce the coming of spring – out here in the real world.

Another harbinger of spring, the 2020 Efling vacation issue, ought now to have made its way into the homes of union members through the letter-box. If not, then it is available here online. This year’s issue looks a bit different as, along with the graphic changes, its entire content is printed in both Ielandic and English. All the changes to the issue are made to render the information more accessible and to serve the diverse group of Efling members.

This year’s paper is filled with inspirational suggestions for the coming summer vacation; ideas for fun games, delicious recipies for the vacation house and information regarding what is interesting to see and do in our travels around the country. There’s no time like the present when it comes to letting the mind wander a bit forwards in time, when the sun has begun shining and the grass has begun to grow.