Efling members in municipalities demand a fair deal

Stöndum með láglaunafólki og komum í veg fyrir skólalokanir og þjónustufall eftir Covid-19The association of municipalities, SÍS, still hasn’t signed an agreement with Efling members working for them. These people work in e.g. schools and as janitors, in home service and maintenance, as well as road construction, in Kópavogur, Seltjarnarnes, Ölfus, Hveragerði and Mosfellsbær.People living there felt the limited services and schooling when Efling members went on strike on March 9-24. The negotiations committee of Efling decided to postpone the strike due to the Covid-19 epidemic, until normalcy resumed. Before the postponement, talks with SÍS had been irregular and without success.Efling members at municipalities have now returned to work in the midst of a pandemic. They’ve put themselves at risk to make sure the environment is kept tidy, schools stay open and vulnerable individuals and the elderly can receive assistance. That way, Efling members shoulder heavy burdens despite disgracefully low wages, and despite working without a collective agreement for a whole year.Efling members in municipalities neighbouring Reykjavík are not making unfair demands. They are in fact asking for the same correction provided to their colleagues in Reykjavík city, who work the same jobs. No demands are made on SÍS which weren’t agreed to in Reykjavík city. The dispute can be put to an end by making a similar contract.Efling members working for the municipalities are understandably hurt and angry that SÍS doesn’t show a willingness to bargain in the dispute. They experience disrespect and an undervaluation of their work, even though it’s of such societal importance. They understandably ask themselves why SÍS doesn’t show them the same respect as they themselves show their work.If an agreement still hasn’t been reached when the epidemic subsides, there will be another strike vote. There is an overwhelming likelihood that schools, kindergartens and other basic services, which should and must return to normal, won’t.We urge residents of Kópavogur, Seltjarnarnes, Ölfus, Hveragerði and Mosfellsbær to support the people working for them and to push SÍS to make an agreement with them.Support our people by signing here and spreading the word:Petition