Overtime Hours for Workers in Kindergartens and Care Facilities to be Paid as a Fixed Payment

Per the new wage agreement, Efling members who work in Reykjavik City kindergartens are advised that the payment of 10 overtime hours for work performed during meal times will be changed to a fixed payment.Payments to Efling members who work in care facilities for 13 overtime hours due to work during coffee breaks will also be converted to a fixed payment equal to the amount paid via overtime. The vacation pay for these hours is cancelled under the new agreement.All employees of the City of Reykjavik will receive a  90.000 kr. wage increase per the Living Wage Agreement in four steps according to the new wage agreement. The first wage increase by 17.000 kr. a month from 1. April 2019 will be paid out in one instalment at the end of the month, excluding the 105.000 kr. payment from this autumn.Workers receive 24.000 kr. pay raise per months plus an extra increase of  7.800 kr. due to changes in the wage tables that went into effect on 1. April 2020. The lowest paid workers will also receive a special increase in their wages up to 15.000 kr. from 1. April 2020. The does not count the December and holiday bonuses.Included in the new agreement are provisions on shortening the working week, increased rights to educational leave, and improvements to how experience in evaluated during the city´s hiring process.Efling members are encouraged to check to make sure that all increases under the new wage agreement are both on their payslip and paid out with their wages on 1 May.