Virtual rally and entertainment May 1st

For the first time since Labour Day was first celebrated in Iceland in 1923, workers in Iceland can’t gather on May 1 to emphasise their demands. Instead, a virtual rally and entertainment will be broadcast from Harpa on the evening of May 1 on Rúv, at 7:40pm.Musicians, entertainers and labour leaders will be there, at what must be considered a historic event. The artists will include Ragnheiður Gröndal, Bubbi Morthens, Jói P og Króli, Ellen Kristjáns and Auður, comedian Jakob Birgisson, KK and the labour brass band.Since there will be no march downtown, you can make your own sign and publish it on social media to declare your support for labour’s struggle by adding the May 1 frame to your profile photo on Facebook. We encourage you to participate virtually through the day and to watch the broadcast on Rúv that evening.The televised event and social media campaign are organized by the following labour federations: ASÍ, BHM, BSRB and KÍ.