Regulations regarding doctor’s notes

We would like to note that the regulations of the sickness fund of Efling regarding how to hand in doctor’s notes have undergone some changes. This has been done in order to improve the regulations which have already been in use for many years.

  • Application for sickness benefits must include a copy of a medical certificate for sickness benefits from a doctor, originating in the computer systems of the Icelandic health clinics and hospitals.
  • The first medical certificate must be an Icelandic certificate for sickness benefits. Follow-up certificates (certificates for renewal/extension) of foreign origin may be valid but must be detailed and contain sets of information comparable to those of a certificate for sickness benefits. If they are written in a foreign language then they must include a translation into Icelandic or English from a state registered document translator.
  • The first certificate submitted may be one of foreign origin if the union member in question suddenly contracts an illness or has an accident while abroad. The member may have to provide evidence for the fact that the vacation abroad was planned in advance.
  • All foreign doctor’s notes received under the conditions outlined in items b) and c) must be approved by the Sickness Benefits Fund‘s physician. The conclusion of the Sickness Benefits Fund‘s physician is final. The regulation of the sickness fund allows for appeals to be made to the board, should differences arise regarding allocation decisions.

These regulations will take effect on May 1st of 2020.