Investment in the human capital of workers is a way out of the crisis

Regrettably, the outlook for the labour market is bleak. Ever more members of Efling are facing loss of employment, insecurity and a lower standard of living. The board of Efling urges the state to create well-paid, secure jobs for workers to reverse this development. Promised raises must take place, unemployment support increased, and improvements in housing made, especially equity loans and a better legal framework for the rental market. The resolution of the board was passed at a meeting of the board on June 18.Resolution of the boardAhead is a hard winter of tension in the labour market. The coronavirus pandemic has already led to loss of employment, insecurity and standard of living for Efling members. Many of them are in the group faced with unemployment this coming winter.Efling demands that the government take appropriate action to protect the income and standard of living of the union’s members, whether they’re working or unemployed.A clear demand is the raising of unemployment support, as stated in the resolution of the board on April 6. Efling takes note that policymakers, high officials, owners of capital and high wage earers have in recent months availed themselves of large raises, dividends and other benefits while unemployment support is stagnant.Efling also reiterates its unwavering stance that raises negotiated after strikes and hard bargaining in the spring of 2019 will not be taken back. The statement of the board of April 6 on the raises negotiated for April 1, 2020, also applies to the expected raise on January 1, 2020.Efling supports the proposals of ASÍ, stated in its document on the “Right way” out of the crisis, on a public industrial policy adapted to the needs of workers. Efling considers it the duty of the state to support investment in well-paid and secure jobs for general workers, whether in public construction projects or in underfunded and understaffed care work. Investment in the human capital of workers is a way out of the crisis that leads to a better society and repays many times over.Efling draws attention to the promises made by the government along with the signing of collective agreements in April 2019, such as on housing – especially equity loans and an improved legal framework for the rental market. Housing is an urgent matter for people with low wages and is made even more pressing in light of uncertainty and instability due to the pandemic.Efling also recalls the promise of the government to introduce penalties for breaches of collective agreements. The grievance division of Efling, on behalf of union members, collected hundreds of millions of wages stolen last year. Employers face no consequences for this, while members of the public who steal a sandwich in the shop are punished harshly and foreign workers are chased by a specially outfitted prison van. Efling calls for penalties against perpetrators in labour market crimes, rather than going after the victims.