Efling Submits Proposals for Resolution of the Labor Dispute with Private Schools

Efling’s bargaining committee along with representatives from the Association of Private Schools (SSSK) met today for a bargaining meeting at the National Mediation Office. During this meeting, Efling submitted proposals for resolving the ongoing labor dispute.Efling previously submitted a draft of the full agreement on the 15th of May. This draft includes a reference to the current agreement between Efling and the City of Reykjavík plus special provisions where applicable.The current wage terms for employees at private preschools and primary schools will be resolved in the new collective agreement, and in prior years Efling’s agreements with the City of Reykjavík were taken into consideration. None of Efling’s proposals go beyond their agreement with the City of Reykjavík.The previous negotiation meeting was held on the 25th of June this year where SSSK submitted oral requests and comments. At today’s meeting, Efling submitted written proposals to resolve these issues.The next meeting will be on 2 September, as decided by the National Mediator. Efling referred these negotiations to the National Mediator on 19 May 2020.Sólveig Anna Jónsdóttir. The Chairman of Efling says „This matter is very simple: We need a valid agreement wherein the terms at private schools are the same as the terms for the City of Reykjavík. We have come a long way and we believe we will be able to reach an agreement at the next meeting.”