Call for nominations to represent Efling at the 44th ASÍ congress

Efling calls for nominations for representatives to the 44th congress of ASÍ, which takes place on October 21.The congress is the highest authority in ASÍ affairs. There, the confederation’s president and central committee are elected and where constitutional and policy changes are deliberated on.This year, the congress will be held online due to the covid pandemic. The committees and policy work will be delayed until spring. The agenda is available and can be read here.In total, there will be 290 representatives at the congress, divided according to regional and member union. Efling has 53 representatives at the congress.Nominations should be sent to before 12 noon on Monday, September 28, 2020. All full members of Efling can nominate themselves or another member. The following information must be provided in the email:

  • Name
  • Kennitala
  • Email
  • Phone number

More information abou the congress is available at the ASÍ homepage.