Efling criticizes ASÍ participation in joint ASÍ-SA-Icelandair statement

At a board meeting of Efling today, a resolution was passed that firmly criticized the participation of ASÍ in a joint statement made by ASÍ, SA and Icelandair.A resolution dated September 17 2020The board of Efling states its opposition to ASÍ participating in a joint statement, signed along with Icelandair and the employers’ association, SA, and which was published today, September 17, 2020.The board of Efling firmly criticizes ASÍ participation in whitewashing Icelandair and SA after they broke the labour law earlier this summer, by calling the crime a “breach of etiquette”.The statement in question provides no legal protection or guarantee against other companies trying the same tactics in the future.ASÍ should have taken Icelandair and SA to court, making them face full responsibility in the Labour Court for their conduct, as the central committee of ASÍ had agreed they would. That way, a dignified protection of workers’ rights would have been made.The board of Efling criticizes that the central committee of ASÍ takes part in the opportunistic protection of the special interests of a private company.The aim of SA, to undermine Icelandic labour law, is well known, and the joint statement is a defeat in the struggle of labour against their campaign.ASÍ has, in the opinion of the Efling board, suffered a loss of prestige.