A Historic Meeting of the Board of Trustees on Zoom.

There was a good turnout for Efling‘s Board of Trustees meeting held yesterday, 15 October 2020, via Zoom. This historic meeting was the first time Efling held a Board of Trustee meeting electronically. This was done to adhere to the strict infection control measures currently in place, previously it was necessary to postpone and/or cancel meetings planned to be held in a traditional format.This meeting exceeded expectations and participants were happy. Members were sucessfully organized to participate in discussion and people were divided into groups to discuss the issues brought forward during the meeting. All rules set forward by the Board of Directors were adhered to and Efling believes that it will be possible to legally hold meetings in the format in the future.After the meeting, there was a presentation and preperation for Efling‘s representatives to the upcoming session of the ASÍ Congress, which is scheduled to take place on 21 October.