Quarterly report is out from the rights and employment terms department

Efling sent out wage claims on behalf of 87 members to the tune of 65.5 million kr in the third quarter this year, according to the rights and employment terms department’s Quarterly report. Several employers have been sent more than 10 claims on behalf of Efling members. Among them are Bryggjan – brugghús, City Park Hotel, Capital Inn and Messinn.Wage theft is an ever increasing problem in the Icelandic labour market. Efling sent claims on behalf of 700 members totalling 345 million kr last year. In the last five years, the sum total of claims reached one billion kr.It can take a very long time for claims to be collected, leaving members to face the trouble caused by the shortfall in the meantime. No punishment or fines can be levied against wage theft, despite promises by the government to put such punishments into law one and a half years ago. Efling is now fighting for such legislation to be implemented without delay.Rights and employment terms department’s Quarterly report.