SSSK consultation meeting

Efling invites SSSK memebers to an consultation meeting on Tuesday October 13 at 5 pm on the Zoom meeting app.We ask SSSK members to show up in great numbers for the meeting on Tuesday. Sólveig Anna Jónsdóttir, chairman of Efling and our comrades in the negotiations committee, both Efling staff and union members, will go over the situation in detail and together we will decide next steps.Information to connect to the Zoom meeting:

  • Time and date: 17:00/5 pm Tuesday October 13
  • Link to the meeting: If you have not received an email pleasa contact to get a link to the meeting and instructions on how to use Zoom.
  • Instructions for how to connect to Zoom are attached.

Efling has been negotiating with SSSK following the signing of a historic collective contract with Reykjavík city in April of this year. The simple goal of negotiations with SSSK has been to confirm in a contract that salaries, conditions and benefits are the same as with Reykjavík city. Gradually it has become clear that SSSK has no intention to make a contract on that basis. The plan of SSSK is to keep staff without a contract or, alternatively, force them to give up rights and benefits. In a negotiations meeting on October 7 SSSK demanded multiple benefit cuts, including the cancellation of current protections against firing, slashing of parental leave rights, and shortening of sickness benefits.This is a major assault on the conditions of Efling members at SSSK, shows disrespect towards them, and threatens to make them into victims of social dumping.Efling members in all sectors of the job market have however shown that they are able to take control of their living conditions and can use their union to do so. A great deal of experience has been gathered in the union concerning how we organize and win in collective bargaining, but this always requires the active participation of a mass of members.