Everything You Need to Know About State Subsidized Mortgages

The next Drop-Inn will be held on Thursday, 19 November at 10am. The topic will be the state subsidized mortgages. This presentation will cover the definition and purpose of these mortgages.Included in the discussions are the prerequisites for these loan applicants need to meet in order to be eligible. Additionally there will be discussions about what types of apartments may be purchased using these mortgages and the conditions these apartments must meet in order to be eligible. Finally there will be a discussion about how to apply for a state subsidized mortgage and how the allocation of this mortgage will take place.The lecturer is Rún Knútsdóttir, a lawyer at the Housing and Civil Engineering Institute.Please feel free to send any questions in advance to  efling@efling.is  , via the stream on Efling‘s facebook page or Efling‘s chat/Messenger.Due to stricter infection control measures, this event will only be streamed on Efling‘s Facebook page.