21st Century Worker

21st Century Worker is a practical course intended for those who would like to improve their technology skills. Next course is taught in English and starts January 6, 2021.This course aims to introduce technology and explain technological concepts in human language in order to build self confidence in working with technology.This course is the first step into the world of technology and is a resource developed by Mímir in order to empower workers during this fourth industrial revolution. Many jobs will change or even disappear due to technological advancements – even sooner than expected in the aftermath of the economic downturn due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The goal of this course is to catch workers who are at risk of losing their jobs or have already lost their jobs and/or are part time.The goal of this course is to empower individuals in the technology that is in high demand in order for workers to strengthen their position within the labor market. This course will inform workers about the potential impact of this fourth industrial revolution on both society and individuals in the labor market. This course will also analyze the best skills and abilities in technology for the worker using the Digital Fitness Wheel developed by VR to help workers assess their own technological skills.Business educational funds, including Starfsafl, Landsmennt, Ríkismennt, Sveitamennt, Sjómennt og Starfsmenntasjóður verslunar- og skrifstofufólks, will pay for the full participation of their members.The course is a total of 28 class hours and is divided into two parts:First part

  • The fourth industrial revolution
  • Guide to success
  • The Digital Competence Wheel

Second Part

  • Workshop 1: Google at work, leisure and learning (the many possible uses of the Google environment is introduced)
  • Workshop 2: Digital data processing (i.e. image processing etc.)
  • Workshop 3: Programming and settings (computer parts, connections and automations).
  • Workshop 4: Using Social Media (opportunities on social media)

This course is taught via distance learning and workers from all over the country may attend. Those who need additional technical support or need equipments (i.e a computer with a webcam and internet connection) are welcome to attend the course at Mímir located at Höfðabakki 9 to receive support and access to equipment.Study and career counselors are also available. Course instructors are experts in their fields and experienced working with students at all different levels of ability in regards to technology.Further information: Anney Þórunn Þorvaldsdóttir, anney@mimir.isRegistration and further information can be found on Mímir´s webpage, www.mimir.is