Additional support for the elderly

Citizens and legal permanent residents of Iceland 67 years or older with limited rights within the social service in Iceland can now apply for additional financial support.Who can apply?Citizens 67+ with residence and physical presence in Iceland.Foreign nationals 67+ with permanent residence permit and physical presence in Iceland.Foreign nationals 67+ with physical presence in Iceland, who have stayed for more than two years on grounds of a residence permit that may be the basis of a permanent residence permit.What does additional support include? The additional social support can be maximum 90% of monthly payments of old age pension in Iceland. Single applicants may also be entitled to 90% of household supplement.Income under 25.000 ISK pr. month does not affect payments but income exceeding 25.000 ISK pr. month will be deducted from payments.The applicant must apply for all rights to pension and other entitled rigths to payments and obtain all the necessary supporting documents that confirm rights, or no rights, to payments in Iceland and in other countries.How is the application process? The application is online at / My pages. In order to gain accsess to My pages, applicants must have digital ID on their mobile phone or an IceKey. IceKeys are issued by Registers Iceland.It is possible to apply for payments up to three months back in time. To january 31st 2021 it is possible to apply for payments from july 1st 2020.Prossesing of applications can take up to four weeks.After you have returned in an application you will be contacted for an interview at Tryggingastofnun.Further information and application can be found on our webpage